Published: Apr 30, 2010 9:23 PM EDT

A decades-old claim of priest sex abuse...surfaces this week.

Jimmy Wilkins claims he was abused by Father Thomas Anglim while attending Saint Francis Xavier School in Fort Myers in the 1960s.
The lawsuit claims Father Anglim would help Wilkins with his school exchange for sexual favors.
The suit names the Archdiocese of Miami.. and the current Diocese of Venice-- that's because the Diocese operates the school now, but Miami had it at the time the allegations occurred.

Wilkins attorney, Jessica Arbour says, "he (Wilkins) refused to return to Saint Francis Xavier...or any other school here in Florida...and eventually he had to drop out of school because he was terrified that something like this would happen again."

Attorney Arbour says it took him this long to come forward with the allegations because of embarrassment and anger.  She says he had to realize that it wasn't his fault.

The Diocese of Venice says they have a zero tolerance policy for sexual abuse.