Published: Apr 30, 2010 11:00 AM EDT

BONITA SHORES - 120 thousand gallons of waters filled a local street after a massive water main break.

"It's kind of exciting for us," says neighbor Beth Kalvin.

The water main break spewed one thousand gallons of water onto Jim Ake's lawn for more than two hours.  He called 911.

"You could hear it rumbling and it took off and it just exploded," says Ake.

Collier County Utilities says an aeration valve broke because it was old.  They tried to find a shut-off valve by digging up Nancy Bertelsen's driveway.

"You don't have much choice when something like this happens," says Bertelsen.

Eventually workers were able to shut off the geyser but neighbors were nervous they'd be left without water.

"They suggested filling up the bathtub," says Ake.

Although the break was a sight to see all here are thankful its over and that it was only water.

"I guess i'm glad its not a sewer pipe," says Ake.

Residents tell Wink News they only lost water for a few minutes and were never put under a boil water notice.