Published: Apr 30, 2010 11:16 AM EDT

Don't miss out on $8,000!

April 30th is the deadline to take advantage of the government's first time home buyer tax credit.

You must have, a signed contract on a house by April 30th and close on the deal by June 30th.

Current homeowners can also cash in.

If you purchase a new home as your permanent residence, you could receive $6500.

We got some last minute tips from WINK Real Estate Contributor Denny Grimes.

He says if you're not in the market already, it's too late.

Don't rush into buying something and risk problems down the road.

If you're already in the market, make an offer today and get a commitment because tomorrow is too late.

And finally people who are already under contract with a seller that is dragging their feet.

Get out of that contract and into another one today!

Once again, to get the tax credit, a contract must be signed by today and closing must happen by june 30th.