Published: Apr 29, 2010 3:39 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla -  New details in a horrifying Collier County murder.

The Damas family had their throats slit back in September.

Mesac Damas, the father and husband is charged with the crime.

On Wednesday the State Attorneys Office released new documents revealing the family's final moments alive.

It's nearly three hundred pages of grisly details.

Guerline Damas and her five children were found murdered in their North Naples home back September 19th, 2009.

According to these brand new documents, all six bodies were in the early stages of decomposition.

This indicates they were dead for days before they were discovered.

The first officer on scene found, wife and mother Guerline in a downstairs bathroom.

Her body was bound with duct tape and a plastic bag was over her head.

Documents reveal she had numerous layers of duct taped wrapped around her mouth, neck, her shoulders arms and torso.

Tape was also wrapped around her knees down to the ankle.

An extension cord was wrapped around her lower torso binding her hands together.

Investigators found a knife inside the master bedroom.

The blade appeared to be bent.

The five children: 9 year-old Meshack, 6 year-old Megan, 5 year-old Marven, 3 year-old Maven, and 1 year-old Morgan were found in their beds, still wearing their pajamas.

Three year-old was found still clutching a toy in her hand.

There was so much blood in the home it took investigators 7 days to collect all the evidence.

Mesac Damas, the father and husband is accused of the gruesome crimes.

He flew to Haiti after the murders.

His SUV was found at a Miami airport.

These new documents show traces of blood were found inside on the driver's side door and on the steering wheel.

The documents also show Mesac was having money problems in the months prior to the murders.

He had bounced several checks and owed more than a thousand dollars.

He faces six counts of pre-meditated first degree murder.

His next court date is June.