Published: Apr 28, 2010 3:30 AM EDT

CAPE CORAL, FL -  With the National Swim Center's multi million dollar project off the table, many are wondering what is next for the area known as Academic Village.

Cape Coral Mayor John Sullivan says he'll wait until another developer comes with a sound plan to develop the city owned property. Sullivan added the swim center project was a risk he was not willing to take with tax payer dollars.

Sullivan added, “I mean anyone can put numbers on a spreadsheet and print it off. It's what's behind those numbers that counts. They made a lot of projections. They said it was goint to create hobs and so on but where did those numbers come from? That was never answered."

Some residents near Academic Village say they share the mayors concerns.

  David Downs says, "I don't disagree with the council at all. They've been asking for information as to the financial backing (of National Swim Center Corporation), for months and got no response." 

Lee county has expressed intrest in the swim center project if Cape Coral balked at the plan.