Published: Apr 28, 2010 4:49 AM EDT

2:00 a.m. Update:

Ryan Santos has died from his injuries at Lee Memorial Hospital.


CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A Cape Coral boy was hit by a car around 7 o'clock Tuesday night at the corner of Del Prado and Northeast 3rd Terrace. He is in critical condition.

The Southbound lanes of Del Prado were shut down for hours after that boy was hit while he was crossing the road on his bicycle. He was with friends who saw the entire thing.

A mangled bicycle sat near the center of Del Prado Boulevard where 13-year-old Ryan Santos was trying to cross the street with his friends. He crossed over the northbound lanes first - headed toward a baseball field across the street.

"We see this lady speeding down the road and we were screaming, "Ryan, Ryan!"He was trying to get off the bike and she went 'boom' and he went flying - I mean over those light posts flying in the air, and the car is going like this and he lands on top of the car."

That's when witnesses said the driver stopped and the boys mom, who lives nearby, rushed to the scene.

"Ryan's mom comes screaming and crying and we are all just standing there and all of a sudden she sees Ryan on the ground and she breaks down in tears."

Neighbors heard what happened.

"I heard tires squealing and three minutes later I heard sirens and that's when his cousin showed up and said there's blood all over the road. A little kid just got hit."

"He said he was just leaking everywhere. There was so much blood."

Santos has skull fractures and swelling in his spinal cord.

"I don't like riding around here... all these cars zooming by. I don't like it."

Doctors are waiting to stabilize Santos, then he will be transferred to a Tampa hospital.

Because the boy was not in a crosswalk and the driver did not have a stop light or stop sign, the driver of the Porche is not facing any charges right now.