Published: Apr 27, 2010 10:47 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, Fla. - In an age of technology, word of a school fight doesn't just spread through gossip. Many students' fights are now making their way onto YouTube and they're spreading like wildfire among students' cell phones. This has some parents and students concerned by what some are describing as a culture of fighting both on and off school grounds.

WINK News obtained video of a fight between two girls that happened Friday, April 23rd at Riverdale High School. It came from a mother whose daughter was one of the girls in the fight.

Megan Urban, a Junior at the school,  talked to us about what she saw that morning, and says students let the fight happen.

"I had just gotten to school when this happened," said Urban

About one minute goes by and someone jumps in and finally breaks it up. Almost instantly, video of the fight gets blasted out to anyone who wants it.

"Two minutes after, I saw the video. And then (people say) ...send me the video, send me the video!"

The mother of the daughter in the fight didn't want to be identified but filed a complaint and a desire to prosecute with the Lee County Sheriff's Office. The report says the two girls got into an argument and began fighting. No one has been arrested. This fight appears spontaneous, but Urban says word of scheduled fights spreads like wildfire.

"Whenever a fight is about to happen, right away, everyone pulls out their phones and cameras and gets it on video and puts it on youtube," said Urban. She says often, the fights are planned with a time and place. As far as shooting video, she says, that's just what kids do these days.

"Everyone is going to be entertained by it so, it just keeps happening so I think they think, you know, I got in a fight so I'm going to be cool now, you know?"

Riverdale High School and Lee County School District both declined to comment in the matter, citing legal issues.