Published: Apr 26, 2010 11:00 PM EDT

NORTH FT. MYERS, FL- A North Fort Myers mom turns her own son in for burglary after she discovers thousands of dollars of stolen fishing equipment in his room.
She asks that deputies keep her son in jail.

Vanessa Null, Brent Null's mother says, "He broke into the shop and stole $10,000 worth of stuff, they won't do anything!"

Expensive fishing reels, 30 pairs of sunglasses, and thousands of dollars of supplies- 15 year old Brent Null admits he and his cousin- stole from Lehr's Economy Tackle.

Brent Null says, "It was my idea..and we broke in because we wanted anything expensive we could sell to get money." Brent's mom discovered the stolen items and called police.

She says, "We begged them, me and my husband apologized for the behavior, and told them 'Please, press charges.'"

The couple hoped Brent would serve 21 days in juvenile detention – and hopefully, he would learn a lesson.
Instead, he was released.

Null says,"Now they're telling me, he has to commit a serious offense. He needs help, he's has mental issues on top of anger issues, and he needs help."

Null says her son has been out of control for years; she wants to see him put in a program for troubled youth, but says none will take him.

WINK asked Brent, "Do you think the way you act is a problem?

He replied, "No."

Brent says the problem is his parents – he believes they're too strict.

He says, "I just want to do whatever I want, I want to live here, but if I want to go somewhere, I want to go without them telling me no."

Vanessa Null says that's not going to happen, but with no help on the horizon, is afraid of what will. Null says she's tried more than 30 different counselors, but she has had no luck.

She's hoping that parents in her same situation will contact her to come up with a solution.