Published: Apr 24, 2010 12:09 AM EDT

Deputies say an apartment on Figuera Avenue was being used as a brothel.
Yesterday afternoon an undercover detective approached two men, a woman and three young children in this pool.

Neighbor Naemi Sanchez says,

"The kids were living there, I mean to be doing stuff like that with the kids living there is dangerous."

Deputies say they told one of the men, Juan Cruz, they were interested in paying for sex. Rosio Romero allegedly said the price would be 25 dollars.
That's when deputies arrested her and three others.

Sanchez says,
"I'm kind of scared because I would see guys kind of, you could tell they were messed up and stuff."

Sanchez says she knew something questionable was going on here.

"I saw too many cars and too many women walking back there, everyday and at night. "

In March, deputies were at the same residence because of an armed home invasion.
For now, the area is quiet-  and Sanchez hopes- it will stay that way.