Published: Apr 23, 2010 1:31 AM EDT

ROTONDA WEST, Fla. - A 2nd grader in Rotonda West brings a gun to school. Charlotte County School District officials say two classmates did the right thing by telling a teacher immediately, but one parent called us upset, saying the district did the wrong thing by not telling them immediately.

Monday morning, a 2nd grader at Vineland Elementary in Rotunda West came to school packing more than books. They brought a gun, and showed some classmates. "Right away, both of these children notified the teacher, and she called the child up to her desk and asked, do you have something? And right away, the child said yes and it went to the office," District Spokesman Mike Riley said.

The gun was not loaded and the school was not put on lockdown. But parents were not informed until the following afternoon. District Officials say this is because they had their hands full. "There were so many things in-house we needed to take care of. She needed to notify law enforcement, children and family, she needed to talk to guidance counselors, social workers, cause this could traumatize other children and we wanted to be aware," Riley said.

Riley says the procedure was followed by the book, but it will be discussed. In the meantime, they're pleased that what they've been teaching students was put into action. "If they see something that is not right, they need to go to an adult, and it's safe to go to one of the adults on staff and that's what both these children, the one that saw the gun and one that heard  about when right away to the teacher, immediately," Riley said.

The student who brought the gun is not currently in school. The Department of  Children and Families is investigating.They want to use this as a reminder for adults to keep their guns locked up and away from children.