Published: Apr 23, 2010 10:27 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Cape Coral police have arrested 24-year-old Francisco Lazaro Perez. He's facing charges of aggravated child abuse for allegedly striking the child and forcing him to sit on an inverted car mat dubbed "Mr. Spikey," among other acts.

The case unfolded on April 22, when Cape Coral police received reports of a suspected child abuse case involving a 4-year-old child who was found with extensive rug burns on the buttocks. Police believe Perez caused the injuries when the child was dragged across the carpet.

Authorities also interviewed a witness who alleged that Perez struck  the child on multiple occasions. In addition, investigators allege that "Perez would make the child kneel and remain on an inverted car mat called 'Mr. Spikey'..."

During an interview with police, Perez reportedly admitted to pouring hot sauce in the child's mouth, striking the child, and authorities say that he also admitted to forcing the child sit on the inverted car mat.

As a result of the investigation into this case, authorities arrested Perez, who was booked on charges of aggravated child abuse. Police say he was transported to Lee County Jail following booking.

Bonita Springs Abuse Case Under Investigation

Police are investigating an apparent case of child abuse in Bonita Springs.

A baby was brought into a hospital, at which point it was discovered that the child had a fractured skull and a cracked rib. The child has reportedly been vomiting for the past month, according to family, who say that the child is occasionally supervised by a family member.