Published: Apr 23, 2010 12:41 AM EDT

Collier County, Fla -   Another former Collier Sheriff's Deputy is in hot water.

Brandon Roysden was fired from the department last month after he allegedly hired people to break into his home and tie up his ex-wife.

Roysden allegedly did this to look like a hero and save his marriage.

Now, he faces more accusations.

This time for stalking an ex-girlfriend, Ashley Dryden

Roysden must stay five hundred feet away from her.

Ashley says Brandon stalked her from months and now she fears for her life.

When the two first met, Ashley says Brandon treated her like royalty.

"He acted like prince charming," she says.

Fast forward several months later, prince charming is now her nightmare

"Crazy, possessive, controlling stalker," she said describing Roysden.

She says Brandon, a former sheriff's deputy is a stalker.

She claims he follows her around, watches every move, listens to her phone conversations, and reads her text messages.

An incident nearly two weeks, brought her to a breaking point.

Ashley was out to dinner with her daughter and a friend.

While leaving the restaurant she noticed someone hiding in the bushes.

She says it was Brandon.

"I'm 100%. Swear on oath it was him," she says.

According to Ashley he was dressed all in black.

Ashley's friend called 911.

Here's a brief transcript of the 911 call.

"He's hiding in the bushes like a psychopath."

"This guy is sick."

"He's a psycho stalker."

Terrified, Ashley jumped in the car.

But she says that didn't stop Brandon.

"He started to lunge at my window. He had something in his hand," she said.

She doesn't know what he had in his hand, but she was scared.

According to Ashley, Brandon took off on foot.

The two came face to face again Thursday in court.

Roysden was in front of a judge on the stalking charges Ashley filed.

He denies it.

The judge ordered a continuance.

In the meantime, Roysden must stay five hundred feet away from Ashley and her mother, Tammie Johnson.

Johnson also accuses Roysden of stalking and harassing her.

"I feel like I'm being watched all the time," Johnson said.

Brandon Roysden is due back in court again June 30th.

Again, he denies stalking Ashley and her family.