Published: Apr 22, 2010 12:19 PM EDT

Right now a search is going on for a couple who drove a 3 year-old Florida boy to New York, and left him on the steps of a cathedral.  Three-year-old Nathanial Fons went missing this past Sunday, after his mother was charged in a counterfeiting ring here in Florida.
Days later, the boy was found on the steps of St Patrick's Cathedral in New York.  Inside his pocket was a note to police detectives.  That note was addressed to the Flagler County Sheriff's Office, and had the name of a detective working the case.  It also had the words "call immediately".
Now, police are looking for Eleanor Black, who was identified by surveillance footage at the cathedral.  She and a man named William Scott are the last 2 people seen with Nathaniel Fons.  They're also suspected of being involved in the counterfeiting operation in Florida, where his mother was charged.
The little boy, besides being tired, is doing just fine.  Nathaniel is now in the care of child custody services in New York.