Published: Apr 21, 2010 10:10 PM EDT

Cape Coral Police are getting credit for sharp detective work, in piecing together a case against a man who claims to be a home inspector.

Police are charging Forest Franks of the cape with burglary and theft.   He's accused to stealing appliances from a home in the northwest cape.

Police got on the case 9 days ago. They were called to the home on the northwest  side, to check out two men who were loading a washer and dryer and a refrigerator on to a truck.    One man claimed to be a home inspector, working for a realty company.

A few days later, an alert cape detective noticed a truck, matching the one seen in the northwest cape, involved in an appliance theft in Lehigh Acres.   Police matched the truck to Forest  Franks, who was arrested in the Lehigh crime.   After  Franks bonded out on that charge, police asked him to come in for  an interview.  He did, and according to the police report, Franks admitted using the keys to homes, to steal appliances.    He said he fenced each item for 50 dollars to help his family.   He was arrested in connection with the theft in the northwest cape.

People who live near that  home have no sympathy for  Franks.   "I can understand having rough times, we all are," said Donna Schoelkoph.    "But when they do things like that, stealing, I have no sympathy for them at all."

Pat Thibodeau told WINK:   "They better not come around here.  I have protection.   I won't say what all I have, but if they come to get my stuff, they will have quite a surprise!"

Franks bonded out on the cape arrest.   WINK went by his home to talk with Franks,  but people asked us to leave.