Published: Apr 21, 2010 10:41 PM EDT

NAPLES - City council has declared a state of emergency for two local beaches.

Beaches near Doctors Pass and Seagate Drive have almost completely eroded and neighbors are worried.

"Property damage and in absence of any beach people are trying to climb over these rocks and could get injured," says resident Mike Field.

 Plus, June is peak sea turtle nesting season. 

Without a beach, they have no where to go. That's why city council voted today for a state of emergency.


nstead of waiting three more years for re-nourishment we're trying to protect the environment," says City Councilman Gary Price. he state of emergency is a back-up plan that cuts through red tape. If the city doesn't get a permit to renourish the whole beach they'll at least be able to do a partial renourishment. e've got to do something to protect those structures or we've got a huge problem," says Vice-Mayor John Sorey. he entire project cost nearly $1.5 million. The money comes from the local tourist tax. Beach-goers and residents are just glad council is taking action. nything they can do would be great," says seasonal visitor, Gene Anderson.





"I think its in all our interests to get this resolved and resolved very quickly," says Field.