Published: Apr 21, 2010 5:44 PM EDT

RSW - People are finally headed home to Europe... or arriving back to Southwest Florida from there.

Thousands of travelers have been stranded because of the ash left in the sky after a volcano erupted overseas late last week.

Even though planes are back in the air, some people are still stranded.

Thousands of people were stranded all over the world, so now getting to and from Europe is in high demand and there are just no enough flights for everyone.

The ticket counter at Air Berlin was full of people checking in to finally fly back home. Gary Smith was vacationing in Miami, but drove here to get on the 9:30 flight to Germany.

"We fortunately were able to book this flight in Fort Myers today. We thought the worst this morning. We thought it may not fly, but we're so pleased to see that's it here."

But others, like Markus Drews, will need to wait longer.

"We were supposed to fly out yesterday, and now we fly out next Tuesday. Today there are no seats available or us."

With his bags packed, he has nowhere to go.

"Extended vacation, right, but we have to pay for the extended vacation. That's the issue we have with it."

He's not alone.

"We gave the car back today. At 6 o'clock we must give it back, and now we must rent a new car."

Others, arriving on an 8:00 flight from Germany, couldn't be happier.

"It feels magnificent. I'm really glad to be back on U.S. soil."

But for Smith, the extra four days in the sunshine state was long enough.

"I run my own my own business, so I would prefer to be back and my wife is a nurse and she had patients waiting."

People I spoke with said getting on their flights was extremely difficult, but flights in and out of Europe are expected to be back on schedule Friday.