Published: Apr 21, 2010 12:02 PM EDT

It's something millions of people do everyday.  Pray.  But now there's controversy over a decades-old tradition in our country: the National Day of Prayer.

It's a day designated by the United States Congress back in 1952.  But last week a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled that asking citizens to pray is unconstitutional. 

Today Congressman Randy Forbes and Frank Wolf of Virginia, along with Ambassador Tony Hall of Ohio are going to be holding a bipartisan news conference responding to that ruling.  Alongside them will be members of the congressional prayer caucus and faith leaders.

It all started when a group called "The Freedom From Religion Foundation" filed a lawsuit against the federal government back in 2008.  The group of athiests and agnostics argued the day violated the separation of church and state.

The Obama Administration countered saying all the day does is simply acknowledge the role of religion in the United States.  They even tried to get the federal judge to dismiss the case.

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