Published: Apr 20, 2010 9:45 PM EDT

The fourth time finally turned out to be the charm for the crew of discovery.
Bad weather yesterday, rain and fog this morning, cancelled the first three landing attempts.  But now the crew is back on the ground after a fifteen day mission in space.

Discovery swooped in through a hazy sky to touch town right as predicted, at 9:08 this morning.
At one point, mission control considered bringing the shuttle in at the runway's opposite end to avoid some of the clouds but decided against it because of the sun's glare. 

For the first time since 2007, and the last time with only three missions left, discovery cut  a path over the midwest and southern states before a sonic boom announced it's arrival in north florida.
Nasa prefers flying over the gulf to avoid higher populated areas but a maximized work schedule brought the shuttle in over north america.

Besides the seven astronauts, the only other thing on board... two tons of used equipment from the international space station.
Restocking the space station was one of the mission's main goals.
The crew also took three space walks to install a new coolant tank.  
And set a record for the number of women in space at one time, four.

Discovery is set to take the last space shuttle flight in september.
Atlantis will begin the slow journey to the launch pad tonight for a may 14th launch.