Published: Apr 20, 2010 11:39 PM EDT

FORT MYERS BEACH, FL- A boat is stolen from a quiet Fort Myers Beach neighborhood- but some don't think it was a joy ride, the theives were after.

George Pacharis says,

"I was working on my boat, looked across the canal and I noticed that Mr. Franklin's boat was missing."

Fred Franklin's neighbor -George Pacharis immediately knew something wasn't right.

"His lift was down in the water, since he's up north for the summer, I called him right away and of course he was shocked."

Pacharis believes at some point during the night or early morning someone lowered the 28 foot boat from the electric lift into the water- and then pushed it out to the gulf." 

He says,

'Must have been very silent because no one on the canal heard anything."

Fish Tale's Marina general manager Ray Jahn says cases like these have become too common.

"It's happens quite frequently especially in the last year. I've noticed we get a lot of alerts from the sheriff's department in Collier and Lee County."

The coast guard tells WINK boats between 25 and 55 feet are commonly stolen for trafficking both humans and drugs.

Jahn says,
"These boats are going to Mexico we understand that some are being used to smuggle out of Cuba itself."

Pacharis says,
"All the neighbors are really upset about it."

Pacharis, who just bought a new boat 4 months ago say's he's now considering installing an anti-theft GPS system on his boat.