Published: Apr 16, 2010 12:03 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - Thousands protested in Naples Thursday at the intersection of US 41 and Pine Ridge Road. It was the largest protest people in Collier County have ever seen!

Signs read, "Honk for less government spending" and "Honk if I'm buying you health care."

"Listen to all the horns. Those are supporters."

Most of the people lining the road are here for one thing - to send a message to the government.

"I think we're spending too much money on programs that don't create jobs."

"We need less government and less taxes and they're infringing on our rights."

"I want us to get back to the people deciding what they want in this country."

People of all ages and occupations stopped by to be heard. Now, these people hope all their work, and voices, are heard.

"Everybody has a right to their opinion - whether you want to look extremely left or extremely right. The point is, I want everybody to be counted and I want a message sent to our President, and sent to Congress, that enough is enough."

"I think Americans have had enough. Naples has had enough. Floridians have had enough. We can't take anymore of this. We can't afford it."