Published: Apr 16, 2010 8:55 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - Offshore drilling could come as close as three miles from our beaches. The Florida House talked about it Friday, and with only two weeks left in legislative session... They've decided to bring the issue up next year.

Isaac Milgran is from Cuba. He lived there while crews drilled for oil offshore.

"I couldn't breath you know."


"It smelled badly... and dirty. There were big spots on the water."

Others who come to Collier County beaches are against drilling.

"They're going to pollute our water, our fish. What are we going to do? Go swim in the oil?"

Under President Obamas proposed plan, drilling could take place 125 miles from shore. Some say what the Florida House is considering is much more invasive.

The rigs and platforms would be six miles off shore, but the drills could be slanted, drilling only three miles away.

"When it is further out in the ocean, I find it okay."


"Bad. Very bad."

"That's terrible because of the fish, and the plants, and the coral... everything. It's going to be destroyed."

Others say it would help us.

"Three miles should be okay."

"A lot of people will get jobs."

"It'll be good for everybody in the long run - cheaper gas prices, less dependency obviously."

For Milgran, who has already experienced beach life with rigs in the water...

"It's bad. Everybody will escape this beautiful place."

A similar bill died in the Senate last year and the Senate is still showing little interest in drilling in state waters.