Published: Apr 16, 2010 10:19 PM EDT

Lee County, Fla -  Cash For Appliances started Friday morning and it's a huge success.

$17.5 million dollars was earmarked for Florida and by Friday evening most all of the money was gone.

"Money is going fast," said David Cossairt, Manager of Bill Smith  Appliances & Electronics.

All day Friday hungry shoppers flock to local appliance stores looking to buy.

As part of the Cash for Appliance program, people can turn in their old appliances and get $75 dollars back.

In addition, if they buy a new Energy Star appliance they can get a 20% rebate from the government.

This means more money in their pocket.

"It stimulates lots of sales for the retailers. Consumers benefits by it. It's an all around win win for everyone," Cossairt said.

Workers at Bill Smith Appliances & Electronics opened their doors at 6am.

Customers were waiting and piled in.

Dorothy Smith was one of them.

"Came in to get a dishwasher," she said.

She saved almost $200 dollars with this program.

Dorothy's not alone.

All day, WINK News monitored the Florida Appliance Rebate website.

So many people logged on to claim their rebate, the website was down several times.

Some people like Donna Clarke logged on right away

"It was very easy. No problem at all," she said.

Staff at WINK News got on the website after a few tries.

We checked throughout the day, watching the rebate funds dwindle.

Every few minutes the money available got lower and lower.

Experts estimate the money will be gone by Friday night.

"It worked well. It's been a real smooth ride," Cossairt said.

If the money doesn't run out before, the Cash For Appliance program is set to end April 25th.