Published: Apr 15, 2010 2:43 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - A sign has been cleaned up, but in the past three days it has been defaced twice.

The woman running for Collier County Commissioner is Georgia Hiller. Her name was changed - to read "Hitler."

The sign is at the busy intersection of Airport-Pulling Road and Orange Blossom Drive.

The first time the billboard was vandalized was Sunday. Then, vandals hit it again Tuesday.

You can still see the black remnants from where vandals struck and spray painted over Georgia Hillers last name to make it read Hitler.

"I was speechless. I couldn't believe it."

Hiller saw the spray painting herself Sunday, which happened to be Holocaust Remembrance Day... a day that means a lot to her.

"My family on my mothers side is jewish. They suffered horribly in concentration camps."

Two days later, the same sign was hit again. The second time, white tape was put over the first "l" in her last name.

"This was done by someone who put a great deal of thought into what they were doing. To be able to send such a hateful message with three strikes of a pen obviously takes a great deal of contemplation."

Hiller has lived in Collier County for nearly 15 years and said this is not the community she knows.

"This puts a stain on Collier County. Collier County is made up of absolutely outstanding citizens. Our citizens are not bigoted. Our citizens are not hateful."

Deputies said they will not give up on catching who did this and are monitoring this intersection very closely now.