Published: Apr 15, 2010 11:48 PM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL-  Ready, set, shop.
The state has 17 million dollars in appliance rebates -- available for you, starting Friday.

The money -- is expected to go in a matter of hours.
Between four and six weeks from now- shoppers can expect to receive their cash rebates.

Shoppers came for refrigerators and dishwashers
and washers and dryers.

If it has this energy star on it - it's eligible for a rebate.

General manager Peter Lopez of Good Deals Appliances says,

"It's been hectic, very very busy, all day long."

He says the federal program that offers Florida residents a 20-percent rebate when they purchase energy efficient appliances - is already a hit.

It doesn't even start until tomorrow.

One shopper says,

"We are coming in to get us a new dishwasher."

Another says,
"I do need a washer, and I'm also before I leave going to check out the refrigerators. "

At 6 a.m when the doors open, these shoppers will be back to make their purchases, but the process isn't over then.

To apply for a rebate after you buy an appliance you can go to Florida's website and get a priority number after 11a.m tomorrow.
Print the application form and then mail it as soon as possible.
This is to make sure you get your part of the 17 million dollar rebate.

Lopez says,
"It's gonna go very very fast to be honest with you."

He says if you wait too long, you could end up with a new appliance but no rebate. there's no way of knowing when the money will run out.

The rebate isn't available for online purchases and must be sent before May 10th.
In addition - buyers can get 75 dollars for recycling old appliances.
Peter Lopez says when the federal money runs out, he'll still offer a rebate.