Published: Apr 15, 2010 3:56 AM EDT

IMMOKALEE, Fla. - A new beer and new jobs are coming to Immokalee. The town is about to become the home of a brand new brewery.

"It's going to be the Montenegro beer, and people have already started calling it the Monty," Curtis Sittenfeld tells me.

The "Monty" came to his brother, Naples realtor, Ernest Sittenfeld in a dream, but the brewery he and his brother are building is real.

The location for the new 50,000 square foot brewery will be near the Immokalee Airport.

"Immokalee is not the only place. We could just as easily go to some other county," Curtis says.

The brothers, who have been building breweries for over 45 years, say they chose Immokalee because they know locals need the jobs, and they want them as workers. "We can train them, we know they're very trainable. We know they're very good workers when given a chance."

In order to brew and bottle the brothers' beer, they say they will need at least 60 workers. And outside the location, another two or three times that to get their brand on shelves, in stores and on tap at local restaurants.

The brothers plan to finalize the site on Friday and say they could break ground as soon as May. Their malt European style beer should be available by Summer 2011.