Published: Apr 15, 2010 3:26 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL- With a busy summer traveling season up ahead, airport security is heating up.
More than ever TSA officials say they'll be using "Explosive Trace Detection."

One traveler says,

"I would prefer it not being done."

Another traveler says,

"Whatever we have to do is fine with me."

Passengers at Southwest International Airport have mixed feelings about a security procedure that has airport security swiping passenger's hands with cotton, and then testing them for explosive residue.

A passenger says,

"It can't be any worse than taking off your shoes and waiting there."

TSA officials say while bags and occasionally passenger's hands have been swiped all along, now more frequently travelers will be randomly selected and tested while waiting in security lines.

Officials say the increase is a result of the attempted Christmas day bombing.
We know these things are out there and we know there could be problems so we should take any stance we can to prevent them.

Others have privacy concerns.

 "I feel they're starting to get very invasive as far as what they do when you come to the airport."

TSA officials say the procedure should not delay passengers in line.
Even still, for the sake of safety, some passengers said they wouldn't mind.

"I have to go through because of my artificial knees, it takes me a long time, it doesn't make a difference to me."

Officials say the procedure is very sensitive to several explosive materials- and rarely are there false alarms.