Published: Apr 13, 2010 11:13 PM EDT

Fort Myers, Fla -  Almost three years after a horrible car accident, Hannah Grant continues to struggle to recover.

But now there's new hope.

9 year-old Hannah Grant has a traumatic brain injury.

Her family has tried numerous medical procedures, including stem cell treatments to help her.

 But little has worked.

Now, divine intervention just may be their only saving grace

"All we have is hope," said Scott Grant, Hannah's dad.

He and his wife Lynn cling to hope.

The two pray one day their 9 year old daughter will recover from a brian injury.

In July 2007, a then 6 year-old Hannah was on her way to a birthday party when the car she was in was hit by a woman who ran a red light.

Since then, Hannah has been in a vegatative state.

Over the years her parents have tried all sorts of medical procedures to help Hannah recover.

"We'll try anything," said Lynn, Hannah's mom.

The family tried a hyperbaric chamber.

In January they traveled to Lima, Peru for several stem cell procedures

The last one was in January.

"We came back there with a lot of hope. So far we haven't seen a lot from it," said Scott Grant.

And Hannah hasn't responded.

But new hope from a higher power may be the answer to their prayers.

"All we have really is hope. And hope sometimes come from strange places," Scott said.

The place is Lourdes France.

Each year millions of people make the pilgrimage to Lourdes hoping for a miracle.

The spring water from the grotto is believed to have spiritual healing powers.

"We're real hopeful this is going to help," Scott said.

In the coming weeks Hannah and her mom, Lynn will be in Lourdes.

"Hannah will be immersed in the baths there," Lynn said about the spring water.

Hannah was nominated to go on the special trip, then selected by a committee.

The trip is completely paid for by the organization who selects those who are ill and in need of help.

Her family prays the healing power from the water will be the miracle they need for Hannah to talk to again.

To be healthy.

"To go over there and get anything. Anything. A smile. Sounds. A head nod, a mama, a dad," Scott said.

Hannah and her mom leave April 28th

They'll be in Lourdes for several days.

Donations can be made to the Hannah Grant assistance fund at any Wachovia Bank.

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