Published: Apr 13, 2010 10:50 PM EDT

Charlotte County, FL- A Charlotte County resident  is outraged after her child gets a 60-dollar ticket, from a school resource officer.

13 year old Kyle Decaro says he was riding his bike to L.A Ainger Middle School when his helmet broke.

He says,

"My helmet fell into my face and I almost hit a mailbox."

Kyle says he took the helmet off and a crossing guard waved him across the street. That's when he was met by his school resource officer.
She wrote him and two other kids tickets for 60 dollars a piece.

Laurie Decaro is crying foul.

"It's almost like they were doing a sting or something to try and get these kids. Children, they're not the one's who have to pay this ticket, it's me. I'm a single mom, I live paycheck to paycheck."

The sheriff's office says ensuring students wear helmets is not just a matter of keeping them safe - it's a matter of law.

Michael Maschmeier with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office says,

"Some warnings were given throughout the year, and also the SRO give lessons on safety throughout the year, to say that there was a sting is simply not true."

Laurie Decaro says the warnings to students were verbal and kids don't always pass those along. She wants written warnings parents have to sign before they get fined.

Decaro says,

"I'm going to fight it."