Published: Apr 12, 2010 3:58 PM EDT

 FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.  - A South Florida man and his son allegedly killed a college professor because he was trying to evict them. Twenty-one-year-old Randy Tundidor Jr. is expected to appear in court Monday on murder charges in the stabbing death of Joseph Morrissey.

His father, Randy Sr., was arrested Friday in a twist that surprised family attorneys. They didn't learn until Sunday the 43-year-old man's other son told police he confessed.

Shawn Tundidor had previously professed his brother's innocence. Investigators allegedly found gloves, zip ties, European cash and evidence of a missing knife in the rental home and a family business. Lawyers for the father and son say they're innocent. The assailant set the Nova Southeastern professor's home on fire, but his wife and son escaped.