Published: Apr 12, 2010 11:10 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - Blue Martini has completed its own internal diligent investigation into alleged drug contamination of beverages. We continue to work with Collier County Sheriff’s Department investigators and thus far have failed to find any wrongdoing on the part of Blue Martini employees.

There have been no rape or robbery complaints, no claims for responsibility to make a point and no disgruntled employee issues.

Blue Martini had this to say concerning its investigation:


We have taken this issue very seriously and retained Ortino Investigations to implement the following steps at Blue Martini® to provide the safest environment for our guests:

  • Surface drug testing was conducted in all areas of the bar.
  • Employees were interviewed and anyone of any suspect level was given a polygraph test.
  • We have conducted drug tests of employees and managers of Blue Martini®.
  • We have administered several subsequent polygraph examinations that also cleared everyone of any suspicion.

We shared our information with authorities and Blue Martini® continues to watch over our guests to ensure their safety.

We are committed to our slogan, “everything we do is designed especially for you,” at every Blue Martini® location across the country. Each person who works within our Blue Martini® family wants to ensure that our guests have an enjoyable, relaxing and safe experience.

Additional security is in place at Blue Martini® as well as 24 hour surveillance of the property. We are confident that we have done everything in our power to ensure our guests’ safety and continue to cooperate with local authorities.

A devoted telephone number for concerns from members of the community has been installed (239-206-1987). People who have left messages were contacted. We conduct interviews with any guests who have concerns on site, as well as via the hotline. Arrangements with limousine and taxi services are available for any guest who requires alternative transportation.

We ask people to do the following if they notice anything suspicious at any restaurant:

  1. Contact restaurant management immediately of anything usual.
  2. Be aware if a guest exhibits any signs of ill effects and notify wait staff and the manager.
  3. If any guest is not feeling well, determine with management and/or the police if they need to go the hospital.
  4. If any guest feels they cannot drive, we will have limousine and/or taxi service waiting for them.
  5. Call 911.
  6. Give the drink in question to management and management will get it to the Sheriff’s department to go through toxicology testing or call the Sheriff to the scene to get the drink.
  7. Call the Blue Martini® hotline: 239-206-1987, with information, with your thoughts, with your theories.


Blue Martini associates are grateful to Mercato management for their support and the ongoing help of the Collier County Sheriff’s department. And we thank our loyal guests who have been supporting us all along.