Published: Apr 10, 2010 10:50 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - Realtors say if you want to buy a home, now is the time to do it.

Sellers are holding a "Nationwide Open House this weekend, hoping with homebuyer tax credits expiring on April 30th, they will be able to boost sales.

Realtor Tom Demogenes has high hopes for the weekend, but says it may not be as productive as the last open house weekend.


"A lot of people that wanted to take advantage of that thought it was expiring late last year and so the majority of people bought by then," said Demogenes.

The Godwins are from Canada, and can't get the credit but they are an example of who's buying homes now, taking advantage of the stronger Canadian dollar.

"There are a lot of Canadians in our age group up there looking to invest elsewhere," said Michael Godwin.

It was a busy start at the grand opening for the Celebration Cape Community.

"We're well in excess of 100 so it's been a great day traffic wise and interest wise for us," said managing partner Roger Schut.

Homes there start at around $112,000.

"They're nice, it's different than what you're used to in Cape Coral," said potential buyer John Moreland

For the next 20 days, homebuyers in good financial shape can get a federal credit of up to 8-thousand dollars for first-timers, and 65-hundred dollars for current owners.

To qualify, contracts must be signed by April 30th and settled by June 30th.

"Don't wait because that's a good part of your down payment or closing cost that the government's willing to provide to you," said Shut.