Published: Apr 09, 2010 1:10 AM EDT

Lee County, Fla - 

Edison State College is taking steps to prevent a tuberculosis outbreak.

There is one confirmed case of the disease at the Lee County Campus.

Due to privacy laws the name of the student is not being released.

It's still unclear how she caught it, but Edison State College is not
taking any chances.

"We take our students health very seriously and we take this matter
very seriously," said college spokeswoman, Catherine Bergerson

This is believed to be an isolated incident, but the college is taking
preventive steps so other students don't get sick.

A campus wide email was sent out warning students about the illness.

Those who had direct contact with the her are being called personally.

"We're working with the health department and Registrar Office to
notify every faculty, student and administrator who may have had long
periods of contact with his person," Bergerson said.

The Lee County Health Department says there is no immediate risk to
the campus as a whole.

"You're not at risk of getting TB if you pass the student in the
hallway, or sit across from them in the cafeteria," said Dr. Judith

The real threat is to those who close to the student.

Tuberculosis is most often a lung infection and is spread through close contact.

Such as sneezing and coughing.

Symptoms are pain, fever, coughing, night sweats.

Its similar to the flu but last much longer.

Though the infection is treatable if caught in time, some students on
campus are worried.

"It's really scary the history of that disease. It's deadly. People
die from it," said one student.

Other students aren't concerned because the college is taking action.

"As long as they are taking the right precautions, I'm not going to be
concerned. I'm sure they'll handle it," said another student.

Testing the people who came in contact with the ill student  will
begin in the coming days.

But any student at Edison State College can also be tested for free.

Just bring your Edison ID to the Lee County Health Department.