Published: Apr 09, 2010 11:12 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY - The county is activating more red-light-running cameras at seven approaches to intersections in Collier.

"It's a money making scheme," says resident Gladys Moro.

Since the program started last spring, the county has issued more than 24-thousand citations, netting more than $1.5 million.

"I think its absolutely ridiculous to be honest with you," says Michael Rhen.

Wink News first reported that 82% of the citations were for right on red violations.  Residents were so furious, commissioners changed the fine from $125 to a tiered system.  Now, the first violation costs about $63. 
Wink News also caught the strobe-light flashes of malfunctioning cameras at two intersections on Immokalee Road.

"It was like a strobe light," says Rick Sosbe.  "Just flashing, flashing, flashing."

Now, there's a new issue.  A mathematician says the yellow lights are a half-second too fast, meaning more citations.  So is putting up more cameras really what people want?

"I think its kind of an invasion of privacy," says Barb McCartney.

"We don't need anymore, that's for sure," says Rhen.

"They do keep people from going through the lights," says Hugh Bond.

The county will officially activate the new cameras on Monday.