Published: Apr 09, 2010 5:25 AM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. - WINK uncovers more Collier County deputies getting in trouble for doing things they shouldn't.

We told you about one deputy, fired for plotting to have his wife held hostage so he could look like a hero. Now, there are four more deputies who received what's called a "final warning".

Two of them for tasing each other while they were being paid to protect you.

"Oh I think it's very dangerous to play with something like that," Collier resident Tony Byk says.

Another resident agrees, "to me it's a weapon because it's killed people."

According to an internal investigation from the sheriff's office, one deputy was chasing another one around with a taser gun. He tased her on her rear end, all while taxpayers were paying them to work.

We caught up with Sheriff Kevin Rambosk to get his thoughts on his employees action. He wasn't please a tool used to protect deputies was used in another way, telling WINK News, "we won't tolerate misuse of taser or an other device."

The deputy that got in trouble acknowledged he broke policy.

Some Collier residents believe this and other deputy conduct recently reported are isolated incidents, not affecting safety.

The whole incident was caught on tape. WINK News has requested the tape and will let you know as soon as we get it.