Published: Apr 08, 2010 3:32 AM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla. - A Cape Coral neighborhood comes together to plant the seeds of beautification on their street.

After fighting the city to do something for years, neighbors on a portion of Sands Boulevard reached deep into their own pockets to make it happen.

"I looked at the median and I said, God that's ugly," said Sands Blvd. resident Chuck Liptak.  "I guess me and my big mouth, I got everybody in an uproar."

The median in front of liptak's home used to be just grass and a few irregular trees.  Starting this week, however, palms stand tall between the lanes of Sands Boulevard.

"We've been trying to get this done for years," Liptak said.

"You've got nice homes, they've got nice trees in their yard, then you've got a median that's not good," said neighbor Dolores Dudinyak

The city refused to help beautify the street, so neighbors chipped in to pay for it all, from the trees, to the planting.

"Right now we've collected probably close to 20-thousand dollars," Liptak said.

It still took the neighborhood more than five months to land the proper approvals from the city, a fight that brought neighbors closer together.

"During this experience, I met people who've probably been living here several years, I didn't know, but I know 'em now," said John Dudinyak.

As the palms have gone up this week, the neighbors say its also planting similar ideas in the minds of passersby.

"A lot of people have stopped while we were watering our trees, saying, can we do this in our neighborhood too?" said Dolores Dudinyak.

The neighbors say the city has asked them to take care of the trees, but Liptak says they've already paid for everything, they'd like the city to help with maintenance.