Published: Apr 07, 2010 6:12 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - Neighbors in a city subdivision in Naples plan to fight crime by installing surveillance cameras on two public roads.

"Two DVD players, her checkbook was missing and the guy just opened the door and cleaned it out." Mark Hedstrom is just one of the over 20 residents in Royal Harbor who were robbed last year.

"People coming in on bicycles with back packs, then we started getting a little more organized criminals that would come in with vans and trucks," Homeowner Association President Terry Forshier explains.

He said thieves have robbed residents of Tvs, electronics, AC units, shutters and even guns.

Forshier and others hope a new addition to the neighborhood watch will end these robberies.

"As you can see this is the entrance to Royal Harbor and we have four cameras up here," Forshier says as he points to the cameras above one of their entrance signs.

Every car in or out, day or night; including bikers and walkers will be filmed. The footage will be stored on a 30 day revolving hard drive to be used as a tool for police to catch the bad guys.

Residents say they don't mind having them and their guests watched.

"This really isn't a big brother thing at all," one homeowner tells me.

Dean Lockwood is a supporter of the cameras too. "There was a lot of strange people driving through here. Whatever we can do to keep an eye out it would be the right thing to do."

Since these cameras are on public property the City had to approve them, and they recently did.

Residents payed for the $20,000 bill for six cameras at two entrances out of accumulated association fees. They will pay $50 a year in dues to maintain them.

"We just want to fight back," Forshier says.

Forshier tells me they are even thinking of getting cameras for the canals due to a number of recent boat thefts in the community.

Naples Police say the camera footage is useful for them, but thieves often find a way around cameras.