Published: Apr 06, 2010 5:18 PM EDT

BONITA SPRINGS, Fla. - The parents of five-month-old Quentin Maulsby are speaking out after he spent eight days in the hospital, allegedly because of his own babysitter.

"Its just really hard to watch your son go through that," says Quentin's mom, Christina Maulsby

Detectives say Quentin's babysitter, Cherie Landowski purposely hit him over the head.

But, she told his mom that a toy had hit him, Maulsby didn't believe it.

"I'm like something's really wrong. I put him in my arms and he didn't respond to me I knew we had some problems," says Maulsby.

She took him right to his doctor.

"The pediatrician said this is not accidental something has happened you need to go to the hospital immediately and get a cat scan," says Maulsby.

Quentin had blood on his brain and two broken ribs.

"The crying, the tears, he would actually hold his little head because he hurt so bad," says Maulsby.

Quentin had only been going to Landowski's house for three weeks. But, his mom says she knew deep down something wasn't right, but feared she was just being an over-protective mother.

"I just had a feeling this wasn't gonna work," says Maulsby.

Now, Maulsby wants to be a child advocate. She says its important for all parents to listen to their instincts.

"It was hell for me to be honest," says Maulsby. "To watch your child go through this is traumatic for everyone."

Landowski was arrested for aggravated child abuse. She is out on bond and faces a Collier County judge in April.