Published: Apr 06, 2010 1:55 AM EDT

Port Charlotte, Fla - A Charlotte County community is rocked by the arrest of someone they trusted. Stacey Tuck was arrested this weekend after authorities say she embezzled $4 million dollars from the condominium complex she managed. "We always trusted everybody. Shame on us because the world is a different place. That doesn't make it right," said Bill Hofmann, a resident at Charlotte Square Condominiums. Hofmann and other people living condominiums are angry because a woman they trusted with their money stole it. "It was a lot of money," said Bob Mohrbacher. Mohrbacher is President of one of the condo associations in Charlotte Square. And Stacey Tuck is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from his association alone. Charlotte Square Complex is made up of ten different condo associations. Tuck managed the common areas and financial affairs of the complex, which is funded through association dues. She's accused of stealing from each of the ten groups. Authorities say it started in 2006 She allegedly embezzled almost $4 million dollars. "I can't for life of me understand it," Hofmann said. Residents first noticed money was missing in September 2008. Tuck was fired, but more evidence was needed for an arrest. Authorities got it and she was taken into custody Sunday after a year and half investigation. "We hope she's where she's going to be for a long time. Maybe she'll be some of our ages when she sees the light of day," Mohrbacher said. The embezzled money is reportedly all gone. It was supposed to go toward renovations and maintenance upkeep at the square. But since it was stolen association fees had to be raised to make up the difference. This is causing more frustration and concern for the budget conscious residents. "We're just getting by on the skin of our teeth. It's rough," Hofmann said. Stacey Tuck is being held on a hundred thousand dollar bond. She's charged with fraud and theft, but more charges could be filed.