Published: Apr 01, 2010 5:41 PM EDT

FORSYTHE COUNTY, Ga. - Four members of group accused of helping people commit suicide will be arraigned in a Georgia courtroom today. Part-time Punta Gorda resident Thomas Goodwin and three other members of the Final Exit Network have been indicted on charges of offering to assist in commission of suicide, tampering with evidence and violating state anti-racketeering laws.

The charges stem from the 2008 death of a cancer patient in Forsyth County in Georgia. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation believes the group is connected to more than 200 deaths nationwide. Authorities say the group helps those who are not terminally ill but wishing to die use helium and a hood to suffocate. The GBI says the group cleans up the scene afterward.

Offering to help someone commit suicide carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison. The tampering and RICO charges could carry much longer sentences.