Published: Mar 31, 2010 9:09 PM EDT

Brand new details in a WINK News exclusive.

The police are calling this a "new crime": investors paying people to break in and break the law.

On Monday WINK News caught a man breaking into a foreclosed home in Cape Coral.

It was allegedly to scope the house out for investors.

Wednesday, the home hit the auction block and the company accused of hiring someone to break-in was there to bid.

The company is Gold Coast Investment, which is based in Miami.

Allegedly they hired someone to break into a home on SE 14th Street in the Cape.

A man in a baseball cap bid thousands of dollars to buy the foreclosed home.

However he lost the bid to another investor.

After the auction was over, WINK News asked the man if he could provided details about Gold Coast Investments.

He didn't give his name, but said he was there to make the bid on behalf of Gold Coast.

The man told us he was a middle man.

"Truth be told I don't even know who Gold Coast is. I'm just doing them a favor to help them," he said.

Gold Coast Investments came under fire Monday after allegedly hiring someone to break in to the home to inspect it before they made a bid.

The suspect allegedly ripped off hurricane shutters and forced his way into the home.

WINK Reporter David Bodden confronted a representative from Gold Coast, who arrived at the home after police arrested the alleged hired hand.

The man told us they do not hire people to break in and they would asses this situation.

At Wednesday's foreclosure auction other investors, like David Dettman says breaking into homes is wrong.
"I'm 100% against that. People should not being doing that," he said.

But he adds if the door is open, he'll go inside.

"If the doors unlocked, I don't consider it breaking and entering. Is it trepass? Probably. Is it criminal trespass? No," he said.

Dettmann makes it very clear he would never break open doors like what happened on Monday.

He says that's an entirely different situation.

He also said that when investors buy foreclosed homes they do a lot of good in the community.

They hire plumbers, electricians, painters, and other workers to help update the house.

As for Gold Coast Investments, phone numbers we we do have for them said it was not accepting incoming calls.