Published: Jul 18, 2009 4:04 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 19, 2010 1:07 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla. - A young couple thought they would never get the chance to have a real wedding. The timing just hasn't been right, but Saturday, they tied the knot.

It was all possible thanks to a local organization that helps members of the military in Southwest Florida.

It was a wedding that was never supposed to happen, but Operation Open Arms made it happen and gave two people the wedding they thought they'd never have... for free!

Grant George buttoned his jacket and fixed his tie, while just feet away, his fiancee Stacy Stevens was also getting ready for the wedding she though would never happen.

Stevens said, "We were going to get married Friday on the courthouse steps and we were told Monday night it's happening Saturday at 6 o'clock."

It's all thanks to Operation Open Arms, an organization that helps Southwest Floridians who are in the military.

George said, "I never imagined that this was going to happen. A couple of days ago we didn't even know what time it was going to be and now here I am, ready to get married."

It's just in time.

"I leave for Korea on August 8th," George said.

Grant's brother Sterling is leaving for Afghanistan next week. He was the best man.

Sterling George said, "I think it's amazing actually. Like my bother said, he was supposed to get married on the courthouse steps and now he's got this amazing wedding."

"It's a 100 percent free wedding in Naples," wedding planner Donna Kordek said, "It's just incredible."

Donna Kordek planned the couples wedding in just four days.

She said, "Every single employee that is here today is here on their own time."

The George's couldn't be happier to start their lives together with this life changing gift from Operation Open Arms.

Stacy said, "I mean it's crazy (laughs) that it all came together quick."

Operation Open Arms has been helping members of the military in Southwest Florida for four years now. The non-profit organization relies only on donations, and now the founder fears he may have to shut it down because the recession has led to a decrease in contributions.

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