Published: Aug 18, 2014 12:33 PM EDT

NAPLES, Fla.- A Naples man was arrested for grand theft yesterday after GPS tracking led deputies directly to him.

Collier County Sheriff's deputies arrested 46-year-old Eudelier Escalona when a stolen dump truck was discovered parked at his house.

The Tampa company Trans-Phos Trucking reported the vehicle stolen on Friday night. GPS allegedly showed the truck was at an address on the 3700 block of 36th Ave. SE. When deputies drove past the residence, a black dump truck could be seen parked behind the house.

Escalona arrived at the residence, and when questioned, deputies say he claimed a Cuban man parked it at his house on Wednesday night and left for Cuba on Saturday. Escalona said he didn't think the man would be back. GPS tracking, however, showed the truck was still in transit on Saturday afternoon, until it was parked at the residence on 36th Ave.

Escalona was taken into custody and charged for the crime.