Published: Aug 03, 2014 7:16 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 04, 2014 11:44 PM EDT

CAPE CORAL, Fla.- Cape Coral Police arrested 13-year-old Yoel Munoz for the murder of a homeless man at a camp behind the area of 100 NE Pine Island Road on Saturday.

Munoz made his first appearance in front of a Lee County judge Monday morning.

Detectives say Munoz stabbed Thomas Bergstrom several times. 

In an arrest report for Munoz, police say it appeared Bergstrom was just sitting in his chair when Munoz came in.

Blood was found all over Bergstrom's tent, and Bergstrom was found face down on the ground.

His friend, Anthony Cashdollar, was the one who found him Saturday morning.

"Shocking, shocking, very shocking. Can't believe this would happen to such a great man," said Cashdollar.

Bergstrom's friends described him as a caring man.

"He was always open to help somebody. It didnt matter what situation he was in. He was just always open, you know, to talk to somebody," Crank said.

"He chose this life. He had money that he got at the first of every month, but he loved being this way," Crank said of Bergstrom's homeless lifestyle.

Based on evidence recovered from the scene, detectives were quickly able to develop Munoz as the suspect. He was arrested for burglary while armed and second degree murder.

According to the arrest report, a knife was found by a nearby pond, as well as a mask covered in strange writings and vlood.

Police traced thay evidence back to Munoz's home. At the home, they found blood on the window and walls, as well as the bed.

A knife set in the kitchen, matched the knife found at the scene.

Police also determined that they'd spoken to Munoz earlier Saturday morning, which he was admitted into Cape Coral hospital with stab wounds to the leg.

In a hospital report obtained exclusively by wink news, Munoz said he was attacked by 10 men, because he no longer wanted to be a member of their gang.

"He stated that they didn't want him out, because he knew too much."

It's still unclear how he sustained that wound.

Crank said she does not know Munoz, but Cashdollar said Bergstrom had complained about people lurking around his camp several nights before his murder. Cashdollar said he believes one of those people was Munoz.



A judge ordered that Munoz be held in detention for 21 days.

SAO will call a grand jury during that time.

A local defense attorney says they can choose to direct file adult charges, or try him as a juvenile.

Under Florida law, 14 is the cut off to be tried as an adult, but a 13 year old could still face adult court.

Joe Viacava says that depends on circumstances of the murder, including severity, and intent.

He says either way, Munoz faces 25 years to life.

But if tried as a juvenile, he will be housed in a detention center, rather than prison.

Munoz is due back in court later this month.



The State Attorney's Office said Munoz does not have any prior criminal history, but WINK News is digging deeper into a July case, when he may have run away from home.

In that report from July 1st, Munoz left a note to his parents saying he was upset he was grounded. He also said he was a marijuana and crystal meth addict, His parents told police he was in SALUS care 8 months ago for behavioral issues.