Published: Jun 08, 2014 7:18 AM EDT
Updated: Jun 10, 2014 10:46 AM EDT

SAN CARLOS PARK, Fla. - Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott describes the mass killing of a family of 5, in a quiet San Carlos Park neighborhood, as the work of an insane man. A mother and her three young girls died at the hands of the girls' father, before he killed himself, according to deputies.

Sheriff Scott said that the killer obviously suffered from some type of spontaneous mental illness, and what makes the tragedy even scarier, was that there were no warning signs.

Family members tell WINK News they never saw any signs that something like this would happen.

"Nothing that would tell us that a tragedy like this would happen," said Maria's sister Gabriella Martinez.

Family friends tell WINK News Medina was working at the Salvation Army, but was scared he would lose his job.

"He would get worried about the family, finances and all of that, but he would drop the conversation pretty quick," said Karen Amaris.

Facebook photos of Maria Navas and her three little girls, Allison, Sophia and Mia, show the family as a happy, smiling bunch. Neighbor Richard Packard said that's how he always knew them.

"Very nice family. They were just very ordinary. Very normal," said Packard. "I have several granddaughters myself, and they would all play together."

That's why Sunday's crime comes as such a shock.

Sheriff Scott called this an act of unnecessary death and destruction. He said the girls died at the hands of their father. A family friend identified him as  Sonny "Enrique" Medina. Deputies said the man then killed their mother, and turned the gun on himself.

Family members say Medina and the woman were not married, but that Medina was the father of two of the younger girls. Maria's aunt, mother, and sister said Maria never talked about having problems with Enrique, and that they were a happy family.

"This guy was a bad guy. He had demons. He was tormented, and they came out the other night," said Sheriff Scott.

The sheriff said we may never have a motive. A family friend said the couple was having problems, and Packard said just six months ago, Medina was worried about losing his job at the Salvation Army.

"He considered himself to be the breadwinner, even though his wife worked. He was very uncomfortable with the fact that, perhaps, he couldn' t support the family," said Packard.

Salvation Army did release a statement to saying they are praying for those affected.

Records show there were no previous calls to the home from the Sheriff's Office or the Department of Children and Families.

Sheriff Scott said more details will be released in the next couple days.


"Having somebody in your family that destroyed completely the whole family, I dont know, it's not time to blame but why," said Maria's aunt.

WINK News is learning more about the days and hours leading up to the brutal murder.
Medina sent out a Facebook invite Friday night.
A party at his house, to watch a soccer match.

Saturday morning, the same day of the shootings.

Medina posted he was annoyed for having to work.

Later that night, neighbors say they heard the loud party at his house, then silence.

"We always thought that they were happy, always."

Maria's sister, tells WINK News, the entire family seemed perfect.

"Nothing that would tell us that a tragedy like this would happen," said Gabriela Navas.

"I spoke with her on Monday, we were talking and she said mom don't worry I am fine, we are fine."

WINK News found these photos on Medina's facebook page, shooting guns.
And tons of pictures of the three little girls.

"Every time that we talked abotu something he would alwaya bsing them up."

Karen Amaris spoke to WINK News.
She's a good frind of Medina's.
And says he worked at the Salvation Army, and even had a second part time job.
Amaris also says Medina loved nothing more than helping other people.
But, he was fearful of losing his job.

"He would get worried about the family, finances and all of that, but he would drop the conversation pretty quick."

Other family and friends, say they're still in shock.

"I just cant believe how somebody who seemed, you know, so nice and just taking care about his family would do something like that."