Published: Jun 10, 2014 11:36 PM EDT

SAN CARLOS, Fla - WINK News is hearing the 911 call for help from a man deputies say killed his three young girls and their mother. Enrique called 911 Sunday morning alerting deputies something had just gone horribly wrong.

In the call, Medina is speaking in Spanish to a Spanish to English translator with the Lee County Sheriff's Office. Throughout a lot of the call, Medina was concerned about his brother, who we have confirmed through the call, was inside the home.

"911- What is your emergency?" "Um, yes, Spanish, please."

A heart breaking call to deputies from a man in desperate need of help.

My name is Enrique Medina and good morning, good afternoon, I need you to come down to house?

Deputies say Enrique Medina had just done the unthinkable, shooting his three little girls and their mother inside their San Carlos Park home.

"I would like you to come over and take my brother from here. He should not see the horrible, there are a lot or people here who are hurt, and dead," said Medina.

Through the 911 call, WINK News has been able to confirm, Medina's brother was inside the house at the time of gruesome crime.

"Why did you want the brother removed? It's unsafe for him?" "He's in the living room asleep. I don't want him to go to the room when the police come."

Medina continuously saying he had failed.

"My wife and my daughters in there are dead."

Deputies say, this call would be his last, before he turned around and killed himself.

"Please, come down, please. Take my brother out of the house. Don't make a lot of mess, don't make a lot of noise. When you get here I am going to be dead and also my family," said Medina.

But, when dispatch asked if he had a weapon. The call went silent.

"Bye. Bye." "Señor señor...Bueno?"


Suicide notes:

Lee County Sheriff's deputies have released the suicide notes left behind by Enrique Medina. In them, Medina claims he failed at everything.
The notes were written in Spanish. Due to profanity, WINK News will not be positing them here.

The first one was written from Medina to his brother. LCSO has confirmed that brother was inside the home at the time of the killings. It read:

"Bro, I'm sorry to have to do this, part of me failed and my mental decision. I blame the alcohol all of this, I failed, I failed at everything. I wish you the best, I could never return, I could never return. I love you (Illegible) I never drank again. I wish you the best and even though you'll never forgive me, sorry please forgive me. Your brother"

A second letter was found in the master bedroom. It read:

"The truth I reached the last extreme tonight I failed at everything I hate that I never (illegible word) my wishes I failed at everything I hate that I didn't say goodbye to my princesses of my love although it's hard to believe. I [expletive] everything up, [expletive] absolutely everything. I just don't know what else to do. To Mary I'm so sorry To my kids I [expletive] up I hate that I didn't get to say goodbye (illegible word) Goodbye everyone I failed all the family Goodbye to everyone I love you Mary Too late and you know congratulations, WOW! Goodbye mommy goodbye everyone, bye I failed I came to the end I failed."

Investigators have been back at the home for several hours, WINK News was there as they embraced Maria's family.
Her aunt and mother wanted to once again say hi to their princesses, Allison, Sophia, and Mia. They also listened for the first time, to Enrique's last words. Overcome with emotion, Maria's mother could barely speak. She says she doesn't know why he wrote the letter, he knew what he was doing. Of course it was alcohol. She was just shocked, and could not understand.

Family Fund:

The family has set up an account to help pay for funeral expenses for Navas and her three children. It is available at all Wells Fargo area banks, called Maria Antonia Navas Family Fund.