Published: May 19, 2014 7:04 PM EDT

LEE COUNTY, Fla. -  The first shooting took place in Lehigh Acres late Friday. The second, in Fort Myers early Saturday.

"Honestly, it's crazy," says the 16 year old cousin of one of the victims. "I feel like the devil was working that night."

Police say Malique Brown died after he was shot in Fort Myers on Franklin street this past Saturday.  Now his 16 year old cousin is mourning the loss of his life at too young of an age.

"Nobody could ever speak negative about him," she says. "because he was so cheerful. He always was smiling."

However, frightening enough, it doesn't stop there.  A shooting in Lehigh Acres Friday, happened on the same street where Maliques cousins live .

Whether or not the two are connected doesn't matter to them. As of Monday the family is packing up and getting out of the neighborhood.  As are others who live on the street.

"I've seen stuff like this happen before, but I've ever, not this close.  To close to home," says the father of Malique's 16 year old cousin.

Back on Franklin street in Fort Myers, one neighbor says she knows all to well how shooting after shooting can tear your heart apart.  She says she lost her own son when he was  21 in 2010.

She believes the only way to stop these acts of violence is for neighbors to have the courage and stand up. "We've got to catch these killers," she says, "We've got to put them away, we've got to find out whats wrong with these young children. Why they killing, taken so young?