Published: May 16, 2014 4:49 PM EDT
Updated: May 16, 2014 6:54 PM EDT

FORT MYERS Fla,. - Spiegel docked his boat at the Fort Myers Yacht Basin last month.  Leif Lustig, the Harbor Master, says something just seemd off about Spiegel when the two met, "You see people that are just a little bizarre in this industry, and he was a little more bizarre than more perhaps."

 Leif Lustig says Michael Spiegel brought his boat, the Rogue Dog, to the Fort Myers Yacht Basin just about a month ago.

Lustig says, "We welcome all the folks that are passing by on the water to come in. We just hope that they behave like mature responsible adults."

  It's 15 miles from the Fort Myers Yacht Basin to the Salty Sam Marina, but to Lustig it all might as well played out here at his own marina.

There is protocal when docking your boat there. "Pretty similar to checking in at a hotel, says Spiegel. "You don't do background checks so you don't know whose coming in the door."

  However, theres no way of knowing what someone has planned for the future. Now, Lustig is assisting Lee County Sheriff Deputies with a murder investigation.

 "Are we familiar with a customer named Michael Spiegel," Lustig says he was asked. "Yes we were. Where's his vessel? We showed them where the vessel was."