Published: Jul 31, 2013 5:33 PM EDT

COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- Collier County Sheriff's deputies arrested a 46-year-old homeless man on Tuesday, accused of living in someone's home, using the victim's vehicle and bringing women back to the house.

Upon his arrest, Rodney Luckey allegedly told deputies he had met the victim at Pak-Mail, his place of employment, and stumbled upon her keys when he promised to water her plants while she was away.

Deputies were alerted to the situation when a woman called them to the house on Cranbrook Way in reference to a physical disturbance. A woman at the residence had been battered during an alcohol-fueled argument.

The woman told deputies she had met Luckey at a food pantry on Friday, when he offered her a place to stay. Since she had been living in the woods, she accepted the offer. She said the suspect paid a man $20 to take them to the victim's house. Luckey allegedly told the woman it was him mother's house, but the next day, his actual mother showed up and took them to breakfast. The woman told deputies Luckey had been using the vehicle in the garage from the time they showed up at the residence. The suspect had keys, which is why she believed he had been allowed access to the house.

The woman was concerned Luckey may have broken into the home. She told deputies, Luckey told her was an undercover cop, then he changed his story and said he would kill her if she called the police. She said Luckey threatened to "feed her to the alligators."

Deputies surveyed the house and found garbage, clothing and cigarettes throughout. They used an address book on the victim's counter top to contact the victim's daughter.  She stated she had power of attorney over her mother, who owned the home, and that she was currently living in Oregon. The daughter told deputies no one had permission to be in the home or use the car. She said the keys had been in a secret location.

A BOLO was issued for the victim's missing Toyota Camry.

On Tuesday evening. Luckey was located on Bayshore Dr. and Weeks Ave. Deputies found the victim's keys to her vehicle and to her home in his bag.

According to his arrest report, Luckey confessed to the crimes. He was transported to the Napels Jail Center without incident. On the way, he told deputies he had no intentions of stealing anything, but didn't trust females and wouldn't be surprised if any of the women he let stay with him had stolen something.

Luckey is charged with burglary of an unoccupied dwelling and grand theft auto.