Published: Jul 23, 2013 5:43 PM EDT
Updated: Jul 23, 2013 6:50 PM EDT

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla.- An Englewood man is charged with false imprisonment and domestic battery by strangulation after his girlfriend says he wouldn't let her leave the house for days.

deputies arrested that man, 23-year-old David Mason on Monday, after the woman was able to escape from the home.

According to Mason's arrest report,  the woman told deputies how "the defendant would threaten her with violence and hit her on several occasions over an extended period of time. She is afraid of Mason and obeyed his threats and commands for fear that he would cause great bodily harm to her."

The young monther also said, "she wanted for days to get away from Mason and his violence towards her but Mason would not let her leave and kept her confined in the apartment by words of threat and physical violence to her."

Deputies say some of Mason's friends were staying at the house and heard him act violent toward his girlfriend, but on Monday that came to an end.

The woman says she "wanted to leave the bedroom to prepare food for her daughter in the kitchen and Mason would not allow her. She finally convinced Mason to allow her to feed her daughter and when she exited the bedroom she made a dash for the front door."

The report says he strangled her and tried to stop her, but she finally broke free.

She tells WINK News she hopes others in a similair situation won't be afriad to get help.

Mason was released from jail Tuesday on $10,000 bond.