Published: Jun 03, 2013 9:41 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 04, 2013 12:04 AM EDT

FORT MYERS, FL--A Fort Myers man takes the law in to his own hands after catching an accused thief in the act.

Charles Canales then held him at gunpoint until authorities arrived.

"I have been in this neighborhood for 40 years. I know a lot of people in this neighborhood and we are tired of kids coming in here and being stupid," said Canales.

That's exactly what happened early Saturday morning when, Canales says, 18-year old Thomas Hicks came in to his backyard and attempted to break in to his house.

"From that direction he came here and tried to rattle it and that is what woke my daughter up," said Canales.

Canales says his daughter saw Hicks then try to open another locked door.

He then ran off to the neighbors house and didn't even notice the security cameras.

Deputies say once Hicks left, he broke in to a car right next door.

Canales ran outside with his gun.

"I got right beside the car and sat there and watched him and as soon as he poked his head out of the car I put a .45 on his forehead," said Canales.

Canales says Hicks quickly cooperated.

"He was offering me money to let him go. Offering me whatever he had already stolen," said Canales.

Once deputies arrived they went through Hicks' backpack and found digital cameras, flashlights and cell phone car charges.

They say it was all stolen from four cars on the same street.

"He was going to jail. Period. One way or the other he is going to jail or he wouldn't make it home," said Canales.

Hicks now faces all kinds of charges including breaking into vehicles, theft and even a felony for wearing a mask to commit the crimes.


He faces a $49,000 bond.